Data Collection and Cookies

Data Collection

Our site collects through the booking form the data needed to rent a car and all data is used strictly for this purpose. The data entered in the form is retrieved and sent to without leaving any information stored on this site. Please do not fill in the form sensitive information such as card details. Filling in the form is optional, you can contact us by phone or send us an email using your usual method.


This website uses small files called "cookies" for its proper functioning, its own technical cookie that expires with the session, analytical cookies for studying traffic on the site and cookies placed by Google and Youtube for serving relevant content.

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Requirements for renting a car:

Valid B category drivers license issued in Romania or other state, with minimum 2 years of driving experience.

Must be at least 24 years of age and have a valid ID (ID Card, Passport or Residence Card).

Payment in advance for renting the car (both rent and quarantee) when you receive the car.

Proof of seriousness throughout the rental process, and show responsibility toward the car.